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Some municipalities have plenty of experience with parking violation stickers. As much as we might hate to be on the receiving end of a sticker, we do all want clean streets, replica rolex watch and we all recognize the need to enforce parking regulations. As deterrents, there's not much more annoying than having to scrub a sticker off our window.

Today, private parking lots are making increasing use of violation stickers to let drivers know when they've gone astray. But punition isn't the only use for these pesky stickers – you can breitling watches cheap also use removable stickers as ticket substitutes, or to alert drivers to impending penalties, which can even help solve your lot or municipality’s parking issues without escalating to permanent stickers (which are far more difficult to remove).

Minimize illegal parking with violation stickers

In the grand scheme of things, parking violation stickers roll back the severity of the original parking penalty schemes considerably. Around 700 BC in Nineveh, King Sennacherib rolex replica of Babylon forbade anyone from blocking the royal road, which was reserved for ceremonial purposes...


When are violation stickers most effective?

Most demand for violations stickers comes from private parking lot owners who find that they're having trouble persuading visitors that they're serious about their lot's rules. There are thousands of reasons why a property owner might feel like it's particularly important...


The case for extra-large violation stickers

Permanent parking violation stickers are notorious for being a harsh answer to a regulatory infraction, adhering a difficult-to-remove warning that requires a blade for removal. Despite the harshness of these stickers, some have argued that even larger parking violation stickers may be necessary...