Minimize illegal parking with violation stickers

In the grand scheme of things, parking violation stickers roll back the severity of the original parking penalty schemes considerably. Around 700 BC in Nineveh, King Sennacherib of Babylon forbade anyone from blocking the royal road, which was reserved for ceremonial purposes. Violators were first killed, and then impaled in view of their homes to shame their families – setting a nasty precedent for commoners' feelings about parking attendants. Still, although receiving a parking violation sticker means getting off light by Babylonian standards, having to waste half an hour scrubbing off a violation sticker is still annoying enough a penalty to discourage all but the most hardened misfeasors from parking where (or when) they shouldn't.

parking violation stickers
Some parking violation stickers come with writable backing that allows attendants or owners to alert the vehicle's owner to the details – these can be slipped under a windshield wiper.
Although neon parking violation stickers have gained notoriety due to their ubiquity in cities like New York, where alternate side parking earned many a car a little involuntary decoration between 1987 and 2012, today violation stickers are more common in private parking lots than on publicly administered land, and they work well as one element of an integrated parking plan.

Typically, if someone is in violation of a no parking sign, the first and best recourse is to speak with them. If a quick, polite reminder doesn't do the trick, you can affix a removable sticker to any window on their car. Most scofflaws will move immediately; they don't necessarily know what kind of legal weight your sticker carries or what the towing expenses might be (and of course, most people want to be respectful of the rules on other people's property whenever possible).

If a friendly warning doesn't work, and the miscreant in question managed to ignore your removable sticker, you can escalate to a permanent sticker on their driver's side window. These can be customized to include threats to tow, and are intensely irritating because if the sticker's big enough, it can effectively prevent the stickered car from moving with its windows up until its unfortunate owner has taken some warm, soapy water and a scraper to it.

We don't recommend stickering windshields with permanent stickers – it's usually unnecessarily provocative and liability laws may vary. 99.9% of drivers will get the message after finding a sticker anywhere on their windows, and will respond to a non-permanent sticker by gratefully moving their cars as far afield as they can.

So to summarize, parking infractions typically escalate as follows:

Verbal warning if possible or appropriate; take down the car's plate number and the date for future reference

Affix a removable sticker if verbal warning fails and the car returns

Affix a permanent sticker to the driver's side window if the car still comes back or isn't moved

Have the offending vehicle towed at the owner's expense