The case for extra-large violation stickers

Permanent parking violation stickers are notorious for being a harsh answer to a regulatory infraction, adhering a difficult-to-remove warning that requires a blade or some serious scrubbing time for removal. Despite these stickers’ harshness, some have argued that even larger parking violation stickers may be necessary to more strictly enforce the rules. Below are some of the arguments for extra-large violation stickers.

Standard Violation Stickers
No one is going to miss this sticker.

Perhaps the most common excuse for increasing the size of parking violation stickers is the argument that smaller stickers are not visible to authorities. Most parking violation stickers instruct that the car be towed away, but when they are not capable of being seen by authoritative figures, they render themselves useless and are a mere annoyance to the owner of the vehicle in question. By increasing the size of the sticker, policemen, tow trucks or parking attendants are far more capable to notice the sticker and take action. Parking violation stickers are typically bright and fluorescent, usually appearing in a bright yellow or orange. With this set of colors and a larger surface area than standard parking violation stickers, extra-large adhesives prove more effective than their smaller counterparts.

Increased severity
Another argument in the case for increased size of parking violation stickers is the stricter enforcement – the larger the sticker, the harder it is to get off. Regular sized parking violation stickers are hard enough to get off, and often require adhesive remover combined with a sharp razor, which can be an hours-long process. Increasing the size of the parking violation sticker lets enforcers have an extra bit of force to reprimand parking offenders – perhaps for second or third-time infractions.

Easier customization
Many parking violation stickers have room for the placement of an individualized message. Smaller parking violation stickers may not accommodate enough space for a longer (perhaps more infuriated) message, while larger parking stickers lend themselves to a more personalized warning. With a lengthier, more sharply worded warning – perhaps expressing pent up frustration, combined with a brutal extra-large sticker – the illegal parker will certainly never repeat his or her infraction.