Violation sticker messages

Parking violation stickers is inform authorities of an illegally parked vehicle, but they also convey a clear message to people who park where they shouldn't: you've picked the wrong spot. There are a few different ways of conveying your dissatisfaction with the rulebreaker, so there's a number of different parking violation stickers.

General Violation Sticker
No Parking Sticker
Final Warning
Warning Sticker

General violation sticker
The general violation sticker, usually a bright orange or bright green, is simple and effective. It boldly proclaims the violation on the vehicle, states that the license plate number was recorded and that legal action will be taken, and suggests that the vehicle be towed and impounded. This is the most common parking violation sticker, usually coming in a 5" x 8" size. These stickers come in rolls, and the fluorescent color attracts attention 75% faster than standard stickers.

No parking at all sticker
For a more rhetorical approach to the issue of illegal parking, this sticker tells the violator that parking on the premises is strictly forbidden, no excuses. With its stern message, "Not 5 minutes, not 30 seconds, not at all!" the driver is made fully aware of the consequences of his or her actions, with the more authoritative section regarding the towing and booting of the vehicle put in a less abrasive font, making it less visible to authorities. This message is worded more strongly than that of the general violation sticker.

Final warning sticker
The final warning sticker is for repeated infractions, letting the driver insistent on parking illegally know that you've reached your wits' end. With an immediately recognizable graphic taking the place of larger text, authorities know that a tow truck should be called in and that the vehicle is to be taken away. The final warning sticker is a great way to discipline those who have parked illegally on multiple occasions.

Customizable warning sign
This customizable sign less abrasively warns illegally parked visitors to move their car immediately in order to avoid towing. Should the vehicle not move, the property owner may fill out a time for the car to be towed away and stored at the owner's expense. Thus, it is up to the property owner to decide if the vehicle will be towed or not, lending them a more decisive role in the fate of the illegally parked car.