When are violation stickers most effective?

Most demand for violations stickers comes from private parking lot owners who find that they're having trouble persuading visitors that they're serious about their lot's rules. There are thousands of reasons why a property owner might feel like it's particularly important to keep certain areas of their lot clear:

Hospitals need to keep areas free from visitors in order to give emergency personnel easier ingress and egress.

Schools need to clear some areas of their parking lots for busses at certain times of day.

Property managers of all sorts – from apartment or condo complexes to colleges – may need to allocate parking, and enforce their lots’ rules with tough action.

Neon Stickers
Someone must really like neon stickers.

Many property arrangements allocate parking to customers of certain retail areas, with overflow being handled by lots farther away (or not at all). Under circumstances like these, if a fellow tenant's customers consistently find themselves in the wrong lot, removable stickers might be a solution of last resort.

Some circumstances are more suitable than others for stickering. Some guidelines:

Parking violation stickers are best suited for repeat offenders as part of a gradual escalation to towing – planting a sticker on a car that's just driven into the wrong spot for the first time isn't the most effective way to deter drivers from breaking the rules; indeed, it could be misinterpreted as officious. Use alternatives to solving the problem before you resort to stickers.

Violation stickers should always be used in conjunction with no parking signs. Someone who doesn't see a sign warning them away should never be punished or shamed with something as visible and confrontational as a neon violation sticker! Think about what you're trying to accomplish and whether there's any way that the potential sticker-ee might have missed your posted notice.

Make sure you have a reliable towing partner in place before you threaten with towing. Reclaiming vehicles that are lost in this way can be difficult and time-consuming, and as the property owner, you never want to find yourself on the hook for fees owed to towing companies.

Be ready to tell people how to remove your stickers. You're trying to deter people from breaking your rules, not trying to ensure that they drive unsafely with a sticker on their windshield! Remind them that they can roll their window down if the sticker's on a side window.